King’s Pet by Bao Anh Tuna jelly topping with chicken breasts


King’s Pet by Bao Anh Tuna jelly topping with chicken breasts 80 grams/can – The Pet Vietnam

Cats get protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals from chicken meat that has been stripped of its skin and fat. Furthermore, chicken provides Taurine, one of the most vital and crucial amino acids for a cat’s healthy and full growth, reducing the danger of cats getting blind owing to a lack of Taurine in their regular diet.

Some pets are allergic to protein sources like beef, chicken, or pork, therefore salmon, tuna, or whitefish tastes are a wonderful way to provide pure protein to your pet without creating any allergies or irritating their sensitive stomachs.

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For the first time in Vietnam’s pet food industry, King’s Pet Paste for dogs and cats displays a premium product that is King’s Pet by Bao Anh at a reasonable price and creates a boom with Quinoa seed topping products for dogs and cats.

With special care for animals, singer Bao Anh always selects the best products for her adorable kitties, and King’s Pet products are among her favorites. After testing it, Bao Anh believes in the product’s quality and hopes to collaborate with King’s Pet to develop a high-end product for cats and dogs to improve their living conditions.

Choosing an alternative path to develop products, singer Bao Anh opted to develop in the trend of quality “100-1,” perfection is absolute, no compromise with substandard products, right from the start. As a result, the manufacturing process of King’s Pet by Bao Anh Paste for dogs and cats must exceed safety regulations as well as follow authentic European recipes to bring the owners to comfort when caring for pet’s meals.

What’s in Jelly King’s Pet By Bao Anh Tuna Paste product?

Jelly King’s Pet By Bao Anh Tuna Paste is made from 70% white tuna flesh caught in South Vietnam seas. To preserve the freshness of the fish, fish is caught and processed within the day following closed production standards from the boat to the plant. Committed to delivering 100% fresh tuna directly from the fishing site to the plant, without the use of freezing or long-term preservation.

Also, due to the use of exquisite white tuna meat, when you open the lid of Jelly King’s Pet By Bao Anh Tuna Paste, you will feel the fresh scent of the ingredients, which differs from the fishy smell of other brands. In addition time, fresh ingredients make the product avoid the use of unnecessary chemical additions, buffers, or artificial scents to excite the cat’s taste.

Moreover, Jelly King’s Pet by Bao Anh Tuna Paste is devoted not to using red tuna flesh – one of the inexpensive ingredients that are usually used in dogs’ and cats’ food products on the market nowadays.

Although this kind of ingredient is cheap, it possesses several risks to the health of cats and dogs. In fact, red tuna flesh is the part that lacks an oxygen supply, it also contains a high concentration of protein histamine, which has been reported in many vomiting cases or short breath, swelling, or allergies in humans.

Jelly King’s Pet By Bao Anh Tuna Pate promises to create a new breeze while also improving the quality of food for dogs and cats in the Vietnamese market, with a fairly simple but high-quality ingredients list: 70% white tuna meat, 22% jelly imported from Europe, 3% rice, and 5% topping with European production standard and top quality ingredients.

Plants with the first European production standard in Vietnam

Not only does Jelly King’s Pet By Bao Anh Tuna Pate have formulas developed by European experts, but the manufacturing process is also carefully monitored. The product is confined in high-grade aluminum cans – specialized in canned food products for humans – and sterilized at 120 degrees continuously for 60 minutes, irreversible inactivation so that bacteria cannot proliferate.

Due to the advanced manufacturing procedure, the product contains no preservatives and is thus healthy for cats’ health.

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