Where to buy high-quality fresh paste for cats in HCM City?

Every cat owners want to choose healthy food for their pets. Therefore, many cat owners are beginning to consider pet paste as primary importance. In addition, there are 2 different types of paste: canned paste and fresh paste for cats. To get more knowledge while selecting food for your pet, let’s learn more about those pastes.

What are the similarities and differences between canned paste and fresh paste for cats?

Aim to meet the market’s needs, paste products nowadays are commonly displayed. When using those products, you must have a thorough understanding of them. Pet paste specifically comes in two different varieties that are canned paste in a packet which is readily available, the other kind is a fresh paste, which often has a week before it expires.

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Fresh paste and canned paste are favored by many owners nowadays.


These two varieties of paste are our pets’ top nutritious choices. They are an excellent source of nutrients and are easily digested. Usually, paste has appetizing, soft, and moist qualities for kittens. While it may be difficult to get the kittens to consume dry food (cereals), the paste only has to be opened, and then the cats will do the rest.

Additionally, as the paste also contains a lot of water and fat, it can be instantly digested without needing to be completely chewed. Cats who eat paste regularly will have a healthy digestive system, a lovely body, a lovely face, and a lustrous coat.

Paste is a necessary food for aged cats. Older cats sometimes suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal ailments, and even oral degeneration. The most significant treat is usually paste when a family has had a cat for a long time. Older animals’ senses of smell deteriorate with age, and they also tend to be pickier eaters who prefer paste and other meals with tempting smells.

The differences between fresh paste and canned paste

Although they are all pet food products, fresh paste and canned paste do differ from one another. You should choose your pet’s orientation wisely for these and other reasons. Specifically:

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Fresh paste for kittens is usually delicious and nutritious.

  • Products made with fresh paste are scrumptious and healthy. However, they are exclusively accessible only in the Ho Chi Minh City city because they only last for around 7 days.
  • Products in the canned paste are the other option and are best for busy people. They are produced and pre-packaged in a can. It is popular on the market. The use of paste cans is not only about convenience but also about having a well-researched formula that is nutrient-rich. Lately, many popular canned paste-producing companies are advertising a variety of tastes. Customers are therefore free to decide in accordance with the pet’s preferences. Products in canned paste, for instance, are believed to help you save money because the cost of a canned paste is not as high as many people believe it to be.

Where to find high-quality paste for cats at a reasonable price?

Canned pastes are becoming more and more popular due to their quality and convenience. For cats, the canned paste may also be improved to add a delectable flavor that is on par with fresh paste. So, do you know a store where you may get good canned paste? Visit Thepet.vn right now!

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Many paste types at Thepet.vn are the favorite choice of many people.


At Thepet.vn, the divine taste of high-quality fresh paste is ready to be served with plentiful ingredients such as herring, salmon, beef, chicken liver, and others. At Thepet.vn, the fresh paste is consistently excellent and nutrient-dense.

Additionally, Thepet.vn consistently offers fresh pates for cats at really appealing costs. Combo deals are frequently provided to support pet owners to save the most money. Seek guidance from Thepet.vn now to make the right decision!

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