The best-hydrated fresh paste for canines and felines – A rival of kidney stones

The best-hydrated fresh paste for canines and felines  – A rival of kidney stones

  1. The high-risk patient with nephrolithiasis 

– Aged dogs and cats

– Dogs and cats that are overweight or diabetic.

– Hypoactive dogs and cats

– Dogs and cats that are kept indoors or are not allowed to go outside

– Dogs and cats that usually eat dry food, and drink less water.

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  • When the dogs’ and cats’ urine is excessively concentrated or the urine pH levels change, the dissolved substances will crystalize. The crystals will be eliminated via urination.
  • Crystallization can be aided by mucoprotein.
    UTIs or other abnormalities of the urinary system in dogs and cats will obstruct urine flow and increase the risk of the formation of kidney stones.
  • Food is an important factor that contributes to the formation of stones. If the dogs and cans consume dry feed that contains high mineral content for a long time without drinking enough water, nephrolithiasis will potentially occur.

2. The best choice is The Pet Vietnam’s hydrated fresh paste for dogs and cats, which helps lessen kidney stones in cats for the following reasons:

  • To keep the hydration and protein content at a high level—60–84%—the ingredients are all-natural, carefully chosen, low-carb, and not stuffed with fiber.
  • The product delivers the necessary amounts of vitamins A, E, group B, calcium, and minerals, as well as adequate water for the digestive system to maintain healthy hydration.
  • For each pet’s appetite, characteristics, or diet, the formulae are especially well-cooked, providing a digestible source, a great water supply for dogs and cats, and limiting the possibility of crystallization in the kidney and gallbladder
  • The most typical fresh food for cats and dogs still improves cats’ health more than premium dry food since water, vitamins, and minerals are crucial elements for cats’ daily survival.

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